A2 web hosting review and why choose?

This A2hosting review site is hosted from 2008 to 2012.

This web hosting review site is our personal WordPress blog hosted with their high speed Prime shared service plan since 2008. We are using their most basic plan and not the enhanced SSD plan that promised 3 times faster page load. We have many years of hosting experience, nothing is hidden from our intensive reviews, and this is what makes us special. In here, we’ve discount coupon and promotion code giving huge discount; If you’re already hosting with them, please submit your user review.

A2hosting reviews: Is A2hosting the best?

This company is over 12 years old. They’re fully us-based company and offering all types of products and services at affordable price. They have shared hosting, performance VPS, superior dedicated server and reseller package.

A2hosting Homepage

A2hosting reviews on SSD Swiftserver server platform.

They have some remarkable shared hosting with SSD solution that seem much faster and further enhanced with Swiftserver platform technology that makes it even better. Is this making them the best web host? This Prime plan start from $4.97/mo and prime plan with SSD begin from $7.46/mo only.

The basic A2 prime plan is cheap and uses Raid-10 storage. It includes Cloudflare content deliver network that offer 200% faster page load. There is optional Railgun optimizer at $2 per month and making your website 143% faster.

Specification and features

A2hosting review and comparison with top web hosts.

From our reviews and many years staying with them, we have learn their deepest secret and know their pros and cons. This is an exceptional web hosting company and they are offering the biggest range of web hosting products. In comparison, we can see their nearest competitor will be Siteground and Site5 that both offers cloud hosting service. But they are lack of SSD hosting service that offers more speed performance. And when compare to Hostgator that offers more basic hosting solution, this is clearly the more sophisticated and offers more advanced web hosting services.

They offer some wide range of hosting products which includes:

  1. Shared hosting with optional SSD drive.
  2. VPS hosting with 34% discount.
  3. Reseller hosting with 34% discount.
  4. Dedicated servers.

A2hosting review and average user rating.

We have rated their product, service and pricing. Compared it with other top web hosts, learn the different and see the advantages. With all these reviews and facts in hand, we are giving them a fair rating as the following.

A2hosting rating

A2hosting coupon up to 40% (use this discount link)

A2hosting coupon & discount for 2014.

They offer various special discount prices for their new customers and often with 30% discount; sometime the discount goes up to 40%. They constantly keep changing their coupon and that is the major drawback. For the latest coupon, users have to visit their official page and get the coupon from their official page. Besides these, we also have cash rebate program that anyone can take part in, see the rebate section at below for further details.

A2hosting coupon on World Cup sales.

At June and July, they are offering World Cup sales promo and all their web hosting products are now with 17% saving. Use the coupon code “SOCCER” for this 17% on their prime plan.

A2 World Cup Soccer Sales more

A2hosting VPS service review & 7 key advantages

Introduction to A2hosting VPS hosting.

This is one excellent hosting solution built on LinuxCloud and comes with free CloudFlare CDN (Content Delivery Network). The service comes with managed and unmanaged models with rates that are quite competitive in the industry. Below is a technical analysis of the features that A2hosting packages offer customers.


A2hosting reseller hosting plan and 34% off

A2hosting reseller packages are the most affordable.

Right now, they have three reseller packages and price starting from $9.89 per month. This reseller plan includes the best features and generous specification. It comes with 60 gigabytes raid-10 storage space and 600 gigabytes data transfer for your customer site usage. And this A2 reseller accounts include free cPanel and WHM control panel.

Here are the three reseller plans available:

  1. Deliver plan from $9.89.
  2. Achiever plan from $16.49.
  3. Endeavor plan from $26.39.

A2hosting reseller plan and promotion.

Before you signup to any of these A2 reseller hosting package, remember to use the latest coupon “HOPPY34″ for 34% off. The first step to make a profit from offering your own hosting services is to get the service plan at lowest possible price. This is where it is made possible. We are using the A2 coupon and stripped off their pricing and get it with one third less than normal. For most people, this formula definitely works and help you to cut cost and getting the so called merchandise at much lower price at the beginning.

A2hosting reseller

Mantis optimized servers and bug tracking application

Mantis hosting is available here. Choose and install with single click with Softaculous which it found in your cPanel control panel on any web hosting plans. Use their exclusive quick installer to add Mantis in a matter of moments on CentOS and Fedora VPS templates.

What is Mantis hosting? This is a bug tracking system which integrated into website. The bug tracking system notable for being lightweight, entirely PHP based and ease of use. Mantis bug tracker is often abbreviated as MantisBT. Bug tracking systems are applications used by web developers to help keep track of errors and other issues found. Use Mantis messaging, time tracking and all of the applications other features to create an effective communication medium for a team.

Mantis is an issue tracker that is implemented in PHP, it is free, easy to install and easy to evaluate, supports in all hosting that runs PHP.  The main features include Plugin system, customize your workflow, notifications by email when changes are made to the system, custom fields, road map and change log support, built-in reports and graphs, specific issue monitoring, attachment support, change history, RSS feeds and much more.

Mantis hosting plan

Xoops hosting and unlimited features

They offer quality Linux web hosting and their famous backup service, server rewind, and good technical support team. If your company need a flexibility and powerful content management system (CMS) to running a dynamic community websites, company portals, corporate portals, weblogs and much more, then Xoops hosting should be one of the first tools you look at. They offer award winning Xoops host for $7.95 per month only.

Xoops is an extensible object oriented with outstanding foundation written in PHP and MySQL to store data, Xoops hosting running smooth as it support the latest PHP and MySQL versions. Xoops brings to the table a huge development community focused on creating as many modules as possible. This translates to increased functionality for your business. They offer an up to date copy of Xoops installed with a single click on Softaculous module which available on cPanel control panel. Xoops was created and is maintained by a team of several volunteers working from all over the world, more than 60 themes system available for download. There is also fully supports multiple languages, including Japanese, Korean, Chinese, etc.

Xoops plan

Zikula web application framework

Each reseller and dedicated account is enabled to install Zikula with just one click via Fantastico installer. You are required to login to account, and select Zikula under content management and click on installation link. After complete, you will be given a link to log into to admin area.

As for our review, we have tested Zikula installation here and it is successfully installed to our website and running well on their server. If you would like to try something special, this can be the right choice. You can install and create a wide variety of personal blog or full scale e-commerce site. With a variety of themes and modules, customize the installation to match specific needs.

A2hosting cPanel, fantastico and backup tools

Is A2hosting using cPanel or vDeck?

Before signing up with their shared hosting or VPS, please hold on and find out what kind of control panel they are offering. Don’t make the same mistake others did. At here, we can find cPanel control panel being provided for free in here, and this is the only option available.

A2hosting cPanel control panel overview.

This cPanel includes server rewind backup feature and site builder for building website in 3 steps. Not to forget the powerful Softaculous one click installer that complete with hundreds of open source script inside. And the easy Google Apps integration including Google Calender, Docs and Hangouts. All these are their advantages and additional apps found inside their cPanel.

A2hosting cPanel

A2hosting cPanel review on Fantastico installer.

No Simplescripts or Softaculous, A2 is now switching back to Fantastico. Previously, their hosting plan is using Softaculous. From year 2012, they have terminated these and now back to Fantastico 1-click installer is accessible from your cPanel main page. This installer really need some improvement and we hope to see a better version available.

Fantastico Installer

A2hosting cPanel review on backup restore service.

Their shared and reseller hosting plan are come with redundancy hard drives for real  time raid-1 mirrored backups, so if there is a hard drive failure, service will still be maintained. They provide off site server backups, or use the server rewind icon in cPanel control panel to perform site backup restores. You will be charged for $25 fee per instance for files recovery and MySQL databases restore from backup server manually. Restore PostgreSQL databases are not included due to the way the database data is stored.

A2hosting domain registration is cheap.

Previous article, we already wrote a review about domain registration currently priced at $12.95 per year. They have wide range of domain extension TLD, not just limited to .com, .org, .info, .net, .biz etc.

A2hosting cPanel review on free SEO tools.

Right now, they are offering search engine marketing tools too. Log in to cPanel control panel, and will see variety of tools including Google maps listing, broken links report, Google score card, consultation and link building directory.

Advanced SEO Tools

SEO is necessary solution for any company planning to utilize the Internet conduct or promote their business. So if website is hosted here, be sure enable SEO tools. Firstly, get in Google is one of the free tools that increase search engine traffic which powered by Attracia. Up to 1,000 page Google Sitemap submitted and verified, higher search ranking with more pages listed faster.

Actual A2hosting uptime statistic (prime account)

Want to know the latest A2hosting uptime percentage?

For many year, this Prime shared hosting plan is impressive and had shown they can serve as a good place to home your business-class websites. Our last year website uptime is 99.465% and in overall it is rated at 99.55%.

What caused site downtime? In shared hosting server, we all know 100% perfect uptime not possible. Unfortunately, there are many causes for website failure. The most common cause is by planned server maintenance. This is when server is bring offline for schedule maintenance work and usually the website will be back online after technician have completed their work. Next common cause is hardware failure and server is not be able to perform its normal function. And lastly we know natural disaster, accident or hacker attacks are the remaining causes.

Website uptime

Above is our website overall uptime percentage, it span from 2008 to 2012. For the year 2012 alone, we have received the same remarkable uptime of 99.551% for this hosted website. And the server average response time is .184 second (which is extremely fast).

Not fast or good enough? This is a shared hosting performance, if you need more then this latest VPS service should be considered.

Website uptime 2012

A2hosting speed test on shared hosting service.

Will their standard hosting plan become terribly slow and forcing customer to upgrade to SSD plan that is much more expensive but proven much faster? In this web host, they have two types of shared services and the basic plan is what we are using. And our website speed test is rated here.

We have checked their customer website uptime percentage and even the server speed rating. Following is our own website being tested. Our website for testing is this A2 review site and it took 0.164681 second to connect and 0.606675 second in total load time. This is the first test and the second test a few hours later is indicating a load time of 1.27 second. With page size of 1MB, that is 787 kilobytes per second in average transfer rate.

This server speed result may varies from time to time, and this is a result we are getting. If you are skeptic about this and really obsessed getting a slow website service, please use your preferred online testing tool and check on this hosted site for validation. That will give the most accurate and most current result for sure.

Website speed test

Quick fact about A2 affiliate program

A2hosting affiliate program is improving.

Their program is now offering bigger sales commission to those that refer friend and customers. Earn $50 dollars for ever shared hosting they sign up with, and $100 for every dedicated server referred.

This partners program is free to join and no fees or annual subscription to pay. With or without a hosting account, anyone can choose to signup and instantly promote their products in order to earn small amount of sales commission. Anyone signup today will be given $10 bonus.

A2hosting affiliate program is paying.

Our many years with them have earned us some small amount of money. And when there is pending payment, they will pay us. Waiting time is ranging up to two three months. In their official website, they claimed making over $100,000 dollars to top affiliates last year.

What is the A2hosting affiliate program drawback?

We have look into their program in details and found one problem so far. Their cookies is valid for 60 days only, while other web hosting companies are using 365-days cookies tracking. And there is no IP tracking as well. This mean they are using very limited tracking system.

Promotion banner