A2 web hosting review and why choose?

This A2hosting review site is our personal WordPress blog hosted with their high speed Prime shared service plan since 2008. We are using their most basic plan and not the enhanced SSD plan that promised 3 times faster page load. We have many years of hosting experience, nothing is hidden from our intensive A2hosting reviews, and this is what makes us special. In here, we’ve A2hosting coupon and promotion code giving huge discount; If you’re already hosting with them, please submit your user review.

Is A2hosting the best? This company is over 12 years old. They’re fully us-based company and offering all types of products and services at affordable price. They have shared hosting, performance VPS, superior dedicated server and reseller package.

A2hosting Homepage

Is A2hosting the best web hosting company? They have some remarkable shared hosting with SSD solution that seem much faster and further enhanced with Swiftserver platform technology that makes it even better. Is this making them the best web host? This Prime plan start from $4.97/mo and prime plan with SSD begin from $7.46/mo only.

The basic A2 prime plan is cheap and uses Raid-10 storage. It includes Cloudflare content deliver network that offer 200% faster page load. There is optional Railgun optimizer at $2 per month and making your website 143% faster.

Specification and features


A2hosting coupon up to 40% (use this discount link)

A2hosting does offer various special discount prices for their new customers and often with 30% discount; sometime the discount goes up to 40%. They constantly keep changing their coupon and that is the major drawback. For the latest A2hosting coupon, users have to visit their official page and get the coupon from their official page. Besides these, we also have cash rebate program that anyone can take part in, see the rebate section at below for further details.

What is the biggest A2hosting coupon & discount for 2014? At June and July, they are offering World Cup sales promo and all their web hosting products are now with 17% saving. Use the A2hosting coupon code “SOCCER” for this 17% on their prime plan.

A2 World Cup Soccer Sales

Order these shared hosting plan and get unlimited storage, bandwidth transfer, email addresses, domains and databases. This A2 shared hosting is all unlimited hosting plan and suitable for hosting multiple websites. Both their shared hosting packages either with SSD or not are both available with this discount.

Here are the new pricing available:

  • Choose prime plan 36 months for $4.97 per month, regular $5.99/month.
  • Choose prime SSD plan 36 months for $7.46 per month.
  • Both plans now available with 17% instant discount.

Sadly this year the A2hosting promotion price is bit lower and they only give a one time 17% discount on your initial signup bill. This mean if you are ordering the PRIME plan today, its after discounted price is only $4.97 per month. Compare to original which was $5.99, this is only 17% in saving. To entitle for this offer price, user must signup within the promo period and have activate the A2hosting coupon “SIZZLING”.

17% off

This A2hosting coupon code can be used for any other packages, order them at 30% to 40% discount as well. For instance, their startup plan is now at $2.97 per month only after this great 40% deduction from the total bill. This A2hosting discount also applied to other plans as well and including reseller, VPS, dedicated server.

40% off


Free cPanel, fantastico and backup tools

Is A2hosting using cPanel or vDeck? Before signing up with their shared hosting or VPS, please hold on and find out what kind of control panel they are offering. Don’t make the same mistake others did. At here, we can find cPanel control panel being provided for free in here, and this is the only option available.

A2hosting cPanel includes server rewind backup feature and site builder for building website in 3 steps. Not to forget the powerful Softaculous one click installer that complete with hundreds of open source script inside. And the easy Google Apps integration including Google Calender, Docs and Hangouts. All these are their advantages and additional apps found inside their cPanel. more

VPS service review & 7 key advantages

A2hosting VPS is one excellent hosting solution built on LinuxCloud and comes with free CloudFlare CDN (Content Delivery Network). The service comes with managed and unmanaged models with rates that are quite competitive in the industry. Below is a technical analysis of the features that A2hosting packages offer customers.

1. Ability to customize the VPS according to your needs.

A2Hosting allows its customers to scale their hosting package according to their needs. They can still resize their packages later. Customers have a great choice of environments to choose from with the smallest package being the 512 MB RAM, 10 GB storage, 600 MHz speed, and 2TB of bandwidth product. Customers can choose various variations of Linux with the most popular choices being: CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, Gentoo and Slackware.

2. Awesome managed VPS hosting features

The managed package of A2Hosting allows you greater control over your servers without having to maintain it. The managed version is ideal for bloggers, webmasters and businesses with little or no technical IT expertise. All the tenets of the package are managed for the customer. This ranges from the database, to the file control, to the configuration. The hosting plans come with two dedicated IP’s, automated backups, CloudFlare content delivery network, Cpanel and a standby customer service. All the packages can access a combination of RAM and Drive space in varying quantities. RAM will range from 2GB to 4GB while Drive space will range from 75 GB to 150GB.


Reseller hosting plan and 34% off

A2hosting reseller packages are the most affordable. Right now, they have three reseller packages and price starting from $9.89 per month. This reseller plan includes the best features and generous specification. It comes with 60 gigabytes raid-10 storage space and 600 gigabytes data transfer for your customer site usage. And this A2 reseller accounts include free cPanel and WHM control panel.

Here are the three reseller plans available:

  1. Deliver plan from $9.89.
  2. Achiever plan from $16.49.
  3. Endeavor plan from $26.39.


Mantis optimized servers and bug tracking application

Mantis hosting is available here. Choose and install with single click with Softaculous which it found in your cPanel control panel on any web hosting plans. Use their exclusive quick installer to add Mantis in a matter of moments on CentOS and Fedora VPS templates.

What is Mantis hosting? This is a bug tracking system which integrated into website. The bug tracking system notable for being lightweight, entirely PHP based and ease of use. Mantis bug tracker is often abbreviated as MantisBT. Bug tracking systems are applications used by web developers to help keep track of errors and other issues found. Use Mantis messaging, time tracking and all of the applications other features to create an effective communication medium for a team.


Xoops hosting and unlimited features

They offer quality Linux web hosting and their famous backup service, server rewind, and good technical support team. If your company need a flexibility and powerful content management system (CMS) to running a dynamic community websites, company portals, corporate portals, weblogs and much more, then Xoops hosting should be one of the first tools you look at. They offer award winning Xoops host for $7.95 per month only.


Zikula web application framework

Each reseller and dedicated account is enabled to install Zikula with just one click via Fantastico installer. You are required to login to account, and select Zikula under content management and click on installation link. After complete, you will be given a link to log into to admin area.

As for our A2hosting review, we have tested Zikula installation here and it is successfully installed to our website and running well on their server. If you would like to try something special, this can be the right choice. You can install and create a wide variety of personal blog or full scale e-commerce site. With a variety of themes and modules, customize the installation to match specific needs.

Actual site uptime statistic (prime account)

Want to know the latest A2hosting uptime percentage? For many year, this Prime shared hosting plan is impressive and had shown they can serve as a good place to home your business-class websites. Our last year website uptime is 99.465% and in overall it is rated at 99.55%.

What caused site downtime? In shared hosting server, we all know 100% perfect uptime not possible. Unfortunately, there are many causes for website failure. The most common cause is by planned server maintenance. This is when server is bring offline for schedule maintenance work and usually the website will be back online after technician have completed their work. Next common cause is hardware failure and server is not be able to perform its normal function. And lastly we know natural disaster, accident or hacker attacks are the remaining causes.

Website uptime

Above is our website overall uptime percentage, it span from 2008 to 2012. For the year 2012 alone, we have received the same remarkable uptime of 99.551% for this hosted website. And the server average response time is .184 second (which is extremely fast).


Quick fact about A2 affiliate program

A2hosting affiliate program is improving. Their program is now offering bigger sales commission to those that refer friend and customers. Earn $50 dollars for ever shared hosting they sign up with, and $100 for every dedicated server referred.

This partners program is free to join and no fees or annual subscription to pay. With or without a hosting account, anyone can choose to signup and instantly promote their products in order to earn small amount of sales commission. Anyone signup today will be given $10 bonus.

This program is paying. Our many years with them have earned us some small amount of money. And when there is pending payment, they will pay us. Waiting time is ranging up to two three months. In their official website, they claimed making over $100,000 dollars to top affiliates last year.

What is the affiliate program drawback? We have look into their program in details and found one problem so far. Their cookies is valid for 60 days only, while other web hosting companies are using 365-days cookies tracking. And there is no IP tracking as well. This mean they are using very limited tracking system.

Promotion banner

VPS hosting plan & 34% saving

Why choose A2hosting VPS (Virtual Private Server) and not the shared hosting. They have unmanaged VPS that is very cheap, should you get this one to safe money? Or choose the fully managed VPS plan that offers complete set of solution. It is available in CentOS, Debian, Fedora, SlackWare, Ubuntu, and Gentoo. And don’t forget, this virtual server plan is a 100% green, same as their shared hosting.

The cheaper unmanaged VPS plan is mean for people with experience or necessary technical skill in configuring server and performing Linux server administration. If you are lack of these technical know-how, the only choice is to choose the fully-managed VPS that is bit more expensive.

A2 virtual server basic plan start from $9.89 per month. And new account signup get to choose from US and European hosting platform. They use SwiftServer hosting platform and high performance 10 gigabytes per second redundant network.


Disadvantages of cheap web hosting

Shared hosting is considered to be a cheap web hosting service. Hundreds or even thousands of websites all rely on one server, thus affecting the speed of each website. This drawback is one of the reason why shared-hosting offers are very affordable deals. They come with major weaknesses and limitations, unlike other types of web hosting.

A web host is a person or firm that offer server space, web services and file management for the people who do not have their own web servers so that they can publish their own websites. All the files you put on your website will be shared to the Internet with the help of a web host.

Hence, choosing the right web host is critical, especially if you want to make your business a very profitable one. The quality of your website might affect the mood and thinking of the one who visits it. Remember that having a user-friendly website is one great way to attract the customers. It is very important to be careful and wise on selecting the best web host for your business.

But is it really risky to sign up for a cheap web hosting offer? Here are the problems you might encounter with this kind of service:

  1. Low or average quality.
    Of course, you always want the best for your website. But with shared hosting, its quality might be compromised. You should seek reliable hosting plans rather than go for cheaper ones if you have a big business and you expect a high-traffic. With shared web hosting, your customers might not be able to access your page; surely, you don’t want to give them any inconvenience. Therefore, other services such as collocated hosting and dedicated hosting are more recommended for you.
  2. Security concern.
    Sharing your server space with another website can raise some security issues. If the hosting plan you get is badly designed, it might also cause bad things. First, it can be vulnerable to a hacker attack. There is also a chance to server breakdown and unavailable service provider.
  3. Overloaded servers.
    You are not the only person who looks for an affordable hosting plan. So what happens when so many people signed up for a single web host? It will be overloaded, causing you to have unpleasant experiences with your cheap web hosting plan.
  4. Email accounts.
    One of the things you should consider when looking for the right hosting service is the email accounts it can offer. There are hundreds of email accounts you can choose from even when you avail of a budget service. However, it is hard to look for a hosting plan that can give you an email address with your domain name on it.
  5. Domain name.
    Domain name is a significant factor when building a website. When someone wants to visit your website, he will type its domain name on the browser’s address field. Therefore, the domain name should be something relevant to your company’s name. It should not also be too long so that it can be easier to remember. There are some companies that oblige its clients to have a subdomain. If you are someone who really wants to earn a lot using your websites, it is better not to have a subdomain. There are also some hosting plans which include free domain. However, those might have hidden fee such as domain privacy and multi-year registration. Hence, being cautious is very important when looking for an inexpensive web host that offers free domain.
  6. Spam.
    There is a big possibility that your business can be affected when other groups under the same server uses mailing lists to send spam. Anti-spam software might block not only the group that sends spam but all other domains being hosted by the server.

Getting a shared hosting plan is unsafe, yes, but it still can be beneficial for you. It has its own advantages that other expensive plan cannot give.

A costly web hosting deal does not mean you also get the best service. And it is frustrating if you invest a big amount of money on something but it ends up not as profitable as you expect. Of course, you don’t want your money and effort to be put to waste.

Switching to a cheap web hosting service is practical. Only if you know the factors that can make your website a valuable one. Sign up for a service not just because of the price but also because of its quality, features, bandwidth and space, technical support, and other special offers.